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Equipping Behaviour-Change Businesses To Change the World


Life and Business Strategist for Impact-Driven Women

Therapeutic executive coaching & Business Strategy


Courageous Women
will change the World

Being a woman in leadership or entrepreneurship is not easy. It is a roller coaster of a journey which includes moments of self-doubt, loneliness, pure exhaustion and emotional fatigue. But is also a journey of courage and optimism, faith, trust and grit.

The key to creating impact without burnout, is to create strategies to ensure that no matter what the demands on your time and your emotions, YOUR needs are your FIRST consideration. 

We know that changing the world is not easy! It takes courage, determination, resilience, passion, and patience. 

But if you don't put yourself first, there will be no impact!

We are committed to empowering purpose-led leaders and entrepreneurs to put themselves first so they can lead with courage, create impact AND thrive.

"Working with Erica has provided clarity and focus which has enabled ongoing courage and resilience. Her empathic and compassionate style along with her ability to ask the poignant questions have provided valuable insights and a fresh perspective.


I would recommend Erica to anyone who is courageously embarking on a journey to make the world a better place. Because none of us can do it alone!" - Kim McDonnell,

What kind of Lady Rebel (Business) Leader are YOU?

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