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Gratitude comes before change

So this last week I have been putting the finishing touches on a powerful new low-ticket offer for those of you wanting to work out what needs to change in order to thrive, and planning an organisational change session for a small business.

Although these might seem quite different tasks in both I ask participants to take time to express gratitude BEFORE they embark on thinking about change.


Well, so often when we are about to embark on change we do so from a position of frustration or disillusionment - negative emotions that can influence how optimistic we may be about the possibility of a better future.

The result?

Limited belief in the possibility of change, fixation on what was wrong or bad in the past, poor motivation and ultimately goals not being achieved.

In contrast, if we give thanks for what has been before, the opportunities and lessons learned even from periods of challenge, gratitude increases our optimism for the future.

When we are optimistic we are also more able to think creatively, which is exactly what is needed when contemplating change.

When we are optimistic, we are more open to considering:

  • what has worked well to this date (discovery)

  • imagining possible futures (dream)

  • selecting a course of direction (design)

  • identifying ways forward (destiny and hope-mapping)

  • taking action and ultimately achieving our goals.

So, the next time you want to engage in personal change take time first to express gratitude for all that you have, all you have experienced, and gratitude to yourself for bringing you to this point.


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