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Non-sleazy communication

Well today sees the launch of the Lady Rebel Leader Podcast which I am ridiculously excited about!

The aim of the podcast is to cover all things womanhood, leadership and challenging the status quo.

In this first episode I speak with the fabulous Annie P. Ruggles who runs the Non-Sleazy Sales Academy about how to be yourself in your business, how to communicate with authenticity and how to network on social media.

It was a conversation with Annie that sparked the Lady Rebel Leader concept and so it's only fitting that she is in the first episode.

Communication is something that crops up a lot in my coaching. Usually it focuses around having difficult conversations or how to advocate our own position without feeling guilty.

Often we believe that we need to adopt someone else's persona to do this, or have a particular form of words in mind ahead of time in order to even plan to have the conversation.

However, often the best way to find the courage and confidence to have the conversation is to consider:

  1. What is the purpose of the conversation?

  2. What is the outcome I wish to achieve for me, and for the other person?

  3. What MUST be achieved?

  4. What can be negotiated?

  5. How would I wish to receive this conversation?

It is possible to be both compassionate and assertive, but the most important thing is to be you.

Visualise having the conversation, consider the real worst case scenario - what is it that you are fearing about having it? What are the LIKELY outcomes or reactions to the conversation?How can you deal with them?

Do you need support from other people before you have that conversation? If so, what, and how will that help?

If you feel nervous or lacking in status before the conversation, take time to ground yourself through breathing deeply.

Twist from side to side at the waist - this releases serotonin which naturally boosts your happiness, confidence and sense of status.

If you need to create a safe space within the environment of the conversation, ensure that you speak at an even pace, and regulate your breathing to be even and not rushed - we attune to each other's breathing patterns and by slowing down this creates a sense of safety.


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