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The Goo of Change

Personal development is huge - it's a huge industry with lots of 'promises' of transformation.

And I get it - the promise that someone else can do the heavy lifting and transform you is incredibly enticing. But it's also disempowering, damaging and well, frankly, wrong.

Embarking on a personal change journey takes effort.

  • Effort to get really clear on what you want the change to be.

  • Effort to take the daily steps towards the goal you have set yourself.

  • Effort to over-ride your brain which ultimately wants to keep you just the way you are because change is perceived as a threat.

  • Effort to keep on taking daily steps when actually you'd rather not because sometimes embedding new habits is boring because we have to do them consciously

  • Effort to monitor and track your progress

  • Effort to start again if you stall

  • Effort to negotiate your existing relationships in new ways to sustain and support the change you want to make.

  • Effort in letting go of people who actually may not want you to change and may subtly try to sabotage your efforts.

This is why having a coach or mentor to support personal development can be so helpful. BUT, research shows that the quality of the relationship you have with that person can be one of the most influential factors in your success.

So, if the relationship doesn't feel right then the likelihood is that it isn't right.

Choose a coach/mentor who you feel you can trust, who you believe will be open and honest (not just a high-inducing cheer-leader), who you believe will respect you.

In this episode of Lady Rebel Leader I talk about some of the other things you can do to support yourself in your personal change journey.

So if you're about to start to change, congratulations on taking a bold and courageous step, and try to practice self-compassion through your journey.

You are embarking on a voyage of discovery, so treat it as such and most of all remember why you started and hold on to the vision of who you want to become.


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