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Why is living strategically, important?

When you hear something like ‘strategic planning’, you probably picture a room full of executives in a corporate meeting room. The very thought of it may not inspire you, but simply put, strategic planning is just creating a plan to accomplish a goal. We may be used to setting business goals but creating an intentional strategy for how we live our life more broadly, is key to resilience and wellbeing.

My kind of strategic living is one of clear vision, deep purpose, alignment, courage and hope. It’s also the essence of what makes your business better. It brings you focus, clarity and strength in what you’re doing. But sometimes even just getting to that point when you’re ready to move forward can be a difficult journey.

Recently, in the context of challenging family times, I’ve been reflecting and reviewing Lady Rebel Leader and what that really means to me, and what I want it to mean for the world.

This is an integral part of business and personal growth. Every challenge brings an opportunity to reflect and reposition. But it also requires you to know yourself, your wants, needs and desires.

Without a life strategy there’s a temptation to move too fast and chase the next shiny thing. To be reactive, feel like an imposter, and neglect our own needs. Particularly when life feels challenging.

I’ve come to a crossroads and I’m going all out, with new branding, website refresh and introducing a new hybrid group coaching and training programme.

Oh and I’m not doing this alone. This is a huge change for me!

There comes a point where you need to invest in experts and stop trying to do everything yourself. And instead spend more time doing what you love. In my case that’s working with women to help them put their needs first, create impact and thrive.

I wish every woman knew that the only ‘perfect way to lead is to be themselves and that to lead requires her to put her own needs first. I believe that society can be transformed when women truly connect to and embrace their power, take bold action, and shrug off the shackles of Who We Should Be.

Some of that does come naturally with age, experience, and resilience but it also comes from a place of courage and self-trust and the knowledge that you are enough. When you lead as you, you will give yourself more room for creativity and your confidence will shine and take you to that next step.

For me, living strategically is more than being purpose-driven or creating goals. It’s about recognition, release and getting to a place where you can make choices aligned with your values, hopes and desires.

The role that women play in creating a better world is crucial, but it’s a heavy burden to bear. It’s exhausting and arduous when you have no guidance or support. This is why I believe in helping you to strategically craft pathways to your chosen future that are grounded in your reality.

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