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What if time management isn't the issue?

So often we find ourselves overwhelmed, pulled in many directions and with a seemingly ever-growing to-do list. We lambast ourselves for ‘not being productive enough’ or ‘not being able to get on top of things’, and we reach out to productivity and time management hacks: the pomodoro technique, time blocking, all of which can be extremely effective, to begin with at least.

Then, over time we find ourselves slipping back into that state of overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, or collapsing into a state of disengagement.

But there are some things that we always manage to find the time to fit in, aren’t there?

Maybe it’s the things that other people ask you to do? The things that objectively you aren’t that interested in, don’t really have time for, but fit them in because you don’t want to upset or disappoint that person.

And secretly you like the feeling of being useful, the praise, the reward.

By fitting in those things, saying yes to someone else though, you’re saying no to your own priorities. Saying no to yourself.

So consider that you and time are in a relationship, that time is ‘your partner’ – how would you describe your relationship? If you were to write a love letter to time, what would you say? How do you treat time, how does time treat you? Are you present with time, or do you take it for granted? Maybe you don’t think about it at all? What do your thoughts tell you about your relationship with yourself?

If we continue for extended periods of time to diminish our relationship with ourselves in service of our relationship with others, we can become more and more distanced from who we are, what our true priorities really are.

This is where boundaries become more important.

Flexible, healthy boundaries can help you to re-connect and express your true self. When you know what you really want, you can prioritise it, find time for it, hold that time sacred, negotiate from a position of authentic self-leadership.

Is this easy? No.

Is it quick? Sometimes, but not always.

Can you do it alone? Yes of course, but it’s more empowering and normalising to join others in their journey too.

Where can you start? Join me in one of my ‘Time management may not be the issue you need to address’ FREE workshops to start exploring these issues for you, with my guidance, and with others who share your pain.

Sign up to the workshop HERE.


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